Participation 101

Would you like to promote West Australian Cheese during WA Cheese week? There are many ways in which you and your business can participate.

There is no cost to participate. All you have to do is find the categories that suit you the best, apply to explain how you meet the criteria and we will get back to you on your application which we hope to be successful! Once approved, we will include you in our promotions, event lists, social media & in any other cheesy way we can promote your business for being supportive of local produce!

Learn more about the participation categories & eligibility criteria:


Participating Venue

You are a venue that wish to host an event, add a menu hero, is a cheese shop or all of the above. The criteria to be a participating venue is:

  • Event Host - You must hold an event during WA Cheese Week that suits your venue featuring at least one West Australian produced cheese*. Maybe partner with a cheese producer, we can try and find a match for you.

  • Menu Hero - You must feature at least one West Australian produced cheese* as the hero to a dish of your choice for the duration of WA Cheese Week.

  • Cheese Shop/Cafe/Restaurant - You must make available for tastings and sale at least three West Australian produced cheeses* for the duration of WA Cheese Week,



You are a WA Cheese Producer. The criteria to be a Producer is:

Your cheese must be made in Western Australia, using ingredients which must be grown, farmed or fished in Western Australia.
Your cheese must use 100% of Western Australian Milk.



You are a producer of an amazing product that is perfect to partner with cheese. The criteria to be a cheese partner is:

The ingredients used for your produce must be grown, farmed or fished in Western Australia.



You are a very generous individual or business recognising the value in promoting quality WA produce and you want to help us make it happen. The criteria to be a sponsor is simply to share our objectives and respect for WA produce.



You are an awesome human that would like to help WA Cheese week be a success. The criteria to be a volunteer is 2 feet and a heart beat!! and a passion for WA Cheese.

*West Australian produced cheese means a cheese lsited in a selected list of approved participating WA Cheese Producers, organised and provided by WA Cheese Week organisers.